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ۼ 2017-10-05


뿵 ǰ













뿵 ǰ

۰ ٴ尡 dz ׸ ȿ ׸ ִ. dz Ȳ Ľ (impasto) Ͽ ǥϴµ ̴ Ǻ ̰ ϰ Ƴ.

׷ȴ ģ Ȱ İ ǽ ׷ ׸ dz̾ װ ڽ ǰ Ҿ ִ ٿ̾ Ѵ.

۰Ե 뿵 ϻ ñ ľ ±⸦ Ҿ ־ְ ̲ ٿ̴.

ǰ ±Ⱑ 츮 ǰ ִ Ʒ ߾ ε巴  ٸ 뿵 ǰ ֱ⸦ Ѵ.

The artist, Kim Eun Hee, put affection and longing for a sea of hometown into the wide crockeries. The artist expresses a peaceful scenery on canvas to use Impasto technique, like thick red clay. This work honestly captures the truth about seascape which is more realistic than reality.

The Marc Chagall who pictured hometown in almost paintings and below are extracted from his letter to his friend. Unconscious drawn paintings when I was exhausted by the stress of tough city life was scene of my hometown and it was the source of breath new life into my works.





2013"/8ȸ.** ü2017 (Ʈźĺ)/ Ʈ(Hampstead Lon Don)

ߴ (Ʈźĺ),2016 Ʈ/DDP.

2015 ƼƮ 365 ''/2014 Ʈ׷ °̾߱/ι̼

2013λ¾Ʈ/޸.2000 /ư45ȸ.

ȸ,Artist`s Taikȸ.̸Ƕ ǥ.tyeh1187@naver.com

Solo Exhibitions;2017"Tongyeong"/GALLERY PIRANG

2015"Tongyeong"Goyang Aram Nuri Gallery2014"Tongyeong"Kyungin Art Museum /

2013 "Tongyeong"/Gallery Tongyeong. .8TH**Group Exhibitions 2017 New York AHL Foundation Auction / AHL foundation

Scope New York Fair / New York Metropolitan Pavilion.2016 Seoul Affordable Art Fair/DDP.

2015 Goyang Artist365 'gift'/Goyang Oulim Arts Center.2014 Art group FAF / Kyung In Art Museum

2013 Seoul Insa Open Art Fair / Gallery Lamer. 2000 Form & Color / Kwan Hoon Gallery. 45 times.

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